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Avanza II is an initiative of the Spanish Government for developing the Information Society and is now followed up with the new plan called Avanza II. This plan finances up to 100% of investments in modern IT solutions up to a maximum amount of €200.000,- excluding VAT. The attraction for the entrepreneur is that the loan has a 0% interest. The term to pay off the loan is 36 months and there is no penalty for early repayments.

Plan Avanza includes a series of legislative measures and initiatives for direct action with a specific budget. The budget for the Plan in the period 2005 – 2009 exceeds €6.5 billion, five times the amount devoted to Information Society initiatives in the previous four years.

The Plan has set up funding lines to generate industrial ICT development in areas such as IT services, healthcare, education, electronic ID, DTT and contents.
Plan Avanza has been designed to place Spain in a top position within the Information and Knowledge Society, to improve its economic productivity and the general welfare of all Spanish citizens.

One of the main objectives of Avanza II Plan is to contribute to the economical recovery of Spain thanks to an intense and extended ICT usage, with a special focus on projects which combine sustainability with energetic saving. Avanza II is formed by 5 new measures which lead to the reinforcement of existing measures or the definition of new ones:

  • Development and evolution of the ICT sector (SMEs) (Budget in 2009: € 663 MM). The main objective is to support companies developing new products and services with a high ICT content and to promote the participation of the Spanish industry in creating the Internet of the future, with special focus on digital content.
  • Training in and fomenting the use of ICTs among the population (Budget in 2009: € 548 MM). This measure is for rural population, the elderly, the disabled and special collectives. The objective is to encourage access to and use of new technologies by both citizens and SMEs.
  • Digitalise Public Services (Budget in 2009: € 186 MM). The objective is the completion of education, healthcare, e-ID, civil registers and programs. Its focus is to promote the Information Society development and implementation, improving electronic public services for citizens and enterprises through the ICT use.
  • Infrastructures (Budget in 2009: € 89 MM). The various objectives of this measure are: successful transition to DTT, Greater coverage and speed of broadband in rural areas, provide the scientific community with improved networks and services and legislative measures in the area of common infrastructures in public buildings and telecommunications conduits in public domain spaces.
  • Confidence, security and accessibility (Budget in 2009: 11 MM €). The purpose of this action is to generate greater confidence in ICTs among both citizens and enterprises, through public policy on data security.


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