Dutch Consultant moving to Spain

The situation:

A Dutch consultant is planning to move to Spain and wants to capitalise on his European network of contacts offering consultancy services to multinationals in partnership with a Spanish based company. He is seeking advice as to the most tax-efficient way to set-up this business; becoming a salaried employee for his Spanish partner company, operating as a self-employed consultant, or setting up a limited company.

Our services:

Each of these options has a number of advantages and disadvantages. To name a few, as a salaried employee he would enjoy a fixed monthly income, as a self-employed consultant he would have greater possibilities to deduct costs from his taxable income, and through a limited company he would have a better vehicle to store the value he builds up and have limited personal liability.

Transfer BASE made an analysis of the fiscal implications for each of these options looking at various projected income scenarios and finally recommended operating as a self-employed consultant at least during the first year of business. This enabled the consultant to take advantage of deducting certain initial investments made, whilst avoiding the higher administrative fees and fiscal obligations associated with a limited company.

Transfer BASE further informed the consultant about his fiscal obligations as a self-employed consultant in Spain and now looks after his accounting and tax declarations.

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