Details Spanish income tax declaration 2013

By: Transfer Business Administration Services Spain

Taxpayers are obliged to declare when they obtained income from work as of 22,000 euros per year if the earnings from work are paid by one employer or 11.200 euros for taxpayers who receive income from more than one. Also earnings from capital and patrimony subject to withholding tax with a limit of € 1.600 per year have to be declared. Tax payers that can receive a draft declaration include those with income from work, with returns on capital assets subject to retention or deposits to account (dividends or payouts from Treasury bonds).

A change regarding last year's tax declaration is that the deduction for home purchase has been eliminated and only remains if the home has been acquired before December 31, 2012. Another change is the taxation of short term savings (less than one year), which are taxed at the general tax rate. Marginal income tax goes between 24.75% and 56%, depending on the autonomous region (which in the case of Catalonia, for example, can go up to 56%).

The place of residence matters when it comes to making the income tax declaration. In case the taxpayer has resided in more than one autonomous region, (s)he will always be considered resident of the region in which this person has resided most days. If this cannot be proven, the region in which most income was obtained will be taken as valid.

The draft will be available from the 1st of April and may be submitted online from the 23rd of April. Through other channels it can be submitted as of the 5th of May. The deadline for submitting the tax declaration is the 30th of June, 2014.