Spanish freelancers can finally claim unemployment

By: Transfer Business Administration Services Spain

After a long debate between Spanish political parties and a lot of pressure from employee lobby groups, registered freelancers or autónomos will finally be able to obtain unemployment benefits. As of November 2010, freelancers can voluntarily choose to pay an additional 2,2% on their Social Security contribution, which then qualifies them for unemployment benefits must they find themselves without work.

Unemployment payments last up to 12 months, thus bringing freelancers in line with regularly employed people in Spain. This benefit will depend on the time quoted within the last 48 months preceding the stop of the activity but taking into account that at least 12 months must be continuous and immediately prior to inactivity. Taking into account that this new law begins in November 2010, a freelancer that began his or her activity since then, will be eligible for unemployment benefits, at the earliest, in November 2011 if the activity were to stop then.
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